Nordic radiography – Osló 2005

Sigurður Sigurðsson, yfirgeislafræðingur í Hjartavernd, hélt opnunarfyrirlestur norrænnar ráðstefnu myndgreiningarfólks í Osló í maí 2005.

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Sigurdur Sigurdsson
Icelandic Heart Association, Head Radiographer
Technical University of Iceland, Lecturer 

Nordic Radiography Today and Future Trends
Changes affect us all in our organizational lives, in such way that we are probably more surprised by its absence than by its presence. The rapid and complex changes in radiography practice are associated with technical advances together with different management and business environment in the health care system. Privatization in medical imaging and the different demands from the modern patient enhances the role of the radiographer as a service provider. Although still in process, the transfer from analogue imaging technology to a fully digital technology has occurred fast, putting enormous demands and challenges to radiographers. The future brings new spectrum of imaging tasks; the anticipated role of molecular imaging to be fused with anatomical imaging will significantly add to the scope of radiography practice. The changes in radiography are dynamic and highlight the requirements of radiographers to constantly learn new skills and adapt to new working environment. With change occurring so frequently, the opportunities for education, the enhancement and extension of professional roles within the practice of radiography are varied and numerous. This variation is quite visible between countries in Europe, where the radiography practice in some countries have come much further than others. This brings up the question what is the “condition” of the radiography profession in the Nordic countries in this relationship? What are the future trends in terms of role extension and postgraduate education for radiographers in the Nordic countries? Is role extension in radiography reasonable anyway? An attempt will be made to answer these questions in addition to discuss future trends in radiography in general      

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