Web based quality data management

Raförninn has developed The Quality Control Center (QCC). The software is based on our engineer’s extensive experience in quality measurements and management of measurement data.
This is a flexible and scalable system that can be used to keep track of variables of interest from a few to thousands and virtually unlimited number of measurements. Data registration can be semiautomatic or manual. Powerful features allow user definition and modification of parameters.
Best of all data registration or data management only requires access to a internet enabled web browser.

The QCC software is commercially available.
Further information available upon request, e-mail smari@raforninn.is, phone +3548924125.

Web based GUI interface for the MAUI Scheduler

As a part of a scientific medical imaging processing project utilizing a Linux cluster Raförninn has developed a GUI interface for The MAUI Scheduler. The MAUI viewer is a productivity tool for cluster administration. In tune with the prevailing culture of the Scientific community Raförninn has submitted the code to the open source community. See Raförninn open development space for download and further details.

Web based service management

For the last 10 years Raförninn has been a partner in development of the web based service management software MaintainPro. MaintainPro is now one of the most effective products available for modern service management.

Automatic Dose Calculations in Mammography 

For almost 20 years we have developed software for automatic collection of exposure data from mammographic units. The  software runs on standard PCs and collects the data via RS 232 serial link.
On basis of the data the absorbed dose (MGD) is calculated and then stored in a database togeter with patient I.D., technique factors, breast thickness and compression.
This work has enabled us to reveal the real links between compression and absorbed dose, and between compression and image quality (see Radiation Protection Dosimetry (1993) 49:201-202 1993, and the same journal (1995) 57:199-201).
Further information available upon request, e-mail smari@raforninn.is, phone +3548924125.

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