PACS services

Are you delaying your PACS introduction for the wrong reasons?

The modern Medical Imaging Department can not thrive without PACS (Picture Archival and Communication System). Raförninn has an experienced group of engineers ready to specify the PACS needs in cooperation with the customer and then go through purchase and implementation processes.

PACS for large and small imaging departments.

We work with any vendor on large and small projects. We have implemented very attractive PACS startup solutions that enable the small to medium size Imaging Departments to go digital on a very low budget. It’s not uncommon to have the film budget pay for the investment in digital equipment in 12 months. On top of that most of our customers drastically improve their workflow, resulting in better utilization of the radiologists and other professionals working hours.

Long distance service.

Most of the day to day technical and application service can be provided by auto alert and remote service, so the distance from a customer site to our Reykjavik Headquarters is of no concern. 

Further information

For further information or request for site visits please contact us by email:  or by phone: +3548924125

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