Medical Imaging Technology Consultant Service

The company, Raforninn ehf, was founded in 1984. The mission is to provide consultation and modern technological service to the medical imaging community. Including f. ex. site planning, software design, acceptance and status testing, PACS services and implementation of QA programs.
We have had slow but steady growth from the beginning. Starting out as a one man company in one room in 1984, to 15 full time people and some temps in a workspace of 600sqm. in 2009. 

Remote service.

We have a long experience in utilizing the state of the art methods for Remote Service.
Accordingly, most of our regular and emergency IT service to customers can be provided remotely. Using this technology is a part of the day to day running of the company as some of the Medical Imaging departments we serve are in remote areas of Iceland and some in other countries. All employees have a secure VPN connection to their home and are therefore able to do work out of their home offices. This is important as some full time employees live far away from the company´s headquarters, even in other countries.

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