Design services

Software design.

Raförninn specializes in Linux cluster solutions and web based aplications.
Our cluster solutions will support almost any kind of cluster (super computer) applications.

For more information on our public domain products  go to Raförninn Open Development Site.

For further information on web based management solutions go to the MaintainPro site.

Wholistic Virtual 3D Site Planning.
We live in a 3D world. 

We started to use virtual reality design years ago. This was a breakthrough in designing effective working environment.
The big break with virtual reality design is that inputs can be obtained from the real crew, everybody understands it. Another factor is that the people start to grow accustomed to the new environment during the design phase, not after the construction phase.
We can work our designs down to minute details if needed.

Further information

For further information contact us by email,, or phone +3548924125.




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