Cost effective, mobile mammography solution with DR.

Everything you need for a mobile digital Breast Imaging Center.Raforninn offers a complete setup which contains every article, from the digital x-ray unit with neccessary computer hardware to the cabins for undressing and dressing. Moved in a small trailer, towed by a standard 4×4 Van.The trailer with all the equipment weighs 3 metric tons (6600 …

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Design services

Software design.Raförninn specializes in Linux cluster solutions and web based aplications. Our cluster solutions will support almost any kind of cluster (super computer) applications. For more information on our public domain products  go to Raförninn Open Development Site. For further information on web based management solutions go to the MaintainPro site.Wholistic Virtual 3D Site Planning.   …

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Medical Imaging Technology Consultant Service

The company, Raforninn ehf, was founded in 1984. The mission is to provide consultation and modern technological service to the medical imaging community. Including f. ex. site planning, software design, acceptance and status testing, PACS services and implementation of QA programs. We have had slow but steady growth from the beginning. Starting out as a …

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PACS services

Are you delaying your PACS introduction for the wrong reasons?The modern Medical Imaging Department can not thrive without PACS (Picture Archival and Communication System). Raförninn has an experienced group of engineers ready to specify the PACS needs in cooperation with the customer and then go through purchase and implementation processes. PACS for large and small …

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Mobile mammographyThe national mammography screening program in Iceland is somewhat of a challenge from a technical point of view.About 40 Health Care Centers take part in the screening. The smallest centers offer breast screening for 1 day semiannually.To keep down the costs, procedures and equipment have been developed so everything needed can be moved around …

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Web based quality data managementRaförninn has developed The Quality Control Center (QCC). The software is based on our engineer’s extensive experience in quality measurements and management of measurement data. This is a flexible and scalable system that can be used to keep track of variables of interest from a few to thousands and virtually unlimited number …

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Service contracts

Raförninn offers contracts with defined uptime warranty    All our contracts have a defined uptime warranty.  This is the most meaningful unit of measure for the quality of service, both for us and the customer.    Types of equipment under service contracts:   The company´s goal is to provide professional maintenance and consultant service in the field of Diagnostic Imaging.  …

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Testing services

Services     Regulatory Quality Assurance    Today most Imaging Departments must have a QA program to fulfill the national regulatory requirements.We specialize in implementing QA programs for  whole departments. This includes: Selection of test methods and test equipment, education of staff, interpretation of test results and access to our online QA management system QCC (Quality Control Center).   …

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